Welcome to the evolution of block stacking games.
With 2 new shapes and 100 unique levels of super smooth gameplay,
STaCKaH will provide countless hours of fun entertainment on Android, Apple and Windows devices.

The object of the game is to stack the blocks at the bottom of the screen.
When a row is filled, it disappears and the level moves down.
The more rows you fill at once, the higher the score for clearing the rows.
You also score extra points for instantly dropping the block down.
Upon finishing a level, you will be awarded a score multiplier,
depending on how many of the original blocks you have cleared.

On each side of the level is a progress indicator bar.
The blue bar (on the left) indicates the progress towards unlocking the second next block display.
The bar has several obstructions on it, which you remove by creating a row at the same height.
After all obstructions are cleared, the second next block display will turn on.

The red bar (on the right) indicates the progress towards completing the level.
When the bar reaches the top, the level is finished and you will be presented with your final score.

- 9 different shaped blocks.
- Smooth block movement.
- 100 Unique Levels with increasing difficulty.
- Awards for clearing a level (Bronze/Silver/Gold stars).
- Best and last score saved.
- Clear percentage per level.
- Hours and hours of play fun, try getting the gold stars and 100% cleared for every level.
- Customizable sensitivity settings.
- Play statistics.

Time will fly by while you're playing this simple, yet highly addictive, block stacking gem!




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